Austin & Cole - Chapter 1 Boys Big and Small

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Description: Austin loves spending time with his other recruits. He feels a real sense of brotherhood and camaraderie that he didn’t expect. Going through such a challenging, shared experience, he feels uniquely close to them… Especially Cole! Cole is a beautiful, handsome young man that has taken a real liking to Austin. He sees him working just as hard and capably as everyone else, despite being almost a full foot shorter than some of the other guys! Cole is a taller man who never really saw himself as into smaller guys, but the more time he spends around Austin, the more infatuated he’s found himself. When the boys have some down time, they sneak off to a clearing in the woods for a little fun. Cole has worked up a sweat and some adrenaline from exercising and training and needs to blow off a little steam. Luckily, Austin’s constant subtle looks always seemed to give him an invitation, quietly asking for more of the tall boy’s cock… Stripping down, Cole gets a look at Austin’s naked body, seeing his tiny ass and big cock. Unable to contain himself any longer, he slides himself inside, mounting the young bottom with ease. The thick cock of the tall top was substantial, but Austin’s training and desire made it slide in like a hot knife through butter. Length