Logan Rogue & Tomas Brand

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Description: Meet Logan and Tomas. The two are close friends and, before filming, we chat about Stockholm. They fill me in on the best places to go to find cute guys. They also tell me about a few cruising grounds, advising me to check out the Viewpoint or around the Church, as well as a few other tourist spots. Then I cut to the chase. I’ve been told Tomas has a big cock. He seems taken aback, at first, but the bluntness makes him want to prove me right. He unzips and whips out a very sizable piece, which Logan immediately makes even bigger. In fact, the cock pig enjoys the taste of Tomas’s hard cock for a long time while I get lost in his hard chiseled body. Can you blame me? Sucking time is over for Logan after a while and they switch. With Tomas enjoying sucking cock almost as much as Logan, turns out he’s good at it. But there is something else Tomas likes doing and that’s eating ass. He turns his buddy around, bends him over, then buries his furry face between Logan’s smooth cheeks. The tattooed stud then proceeds to straddle Tomas, sitting down on his fat, curved cock and riding it hard before switching it up and giving it to Tomas. Who knew the super hung stud liked taking dick up his ass? But for you size queens, don’t worry, he doesn’t stay bottom for long. He’s soon got Logan on the bed, on his back, legs up in the air, fucking him fast and deep. Logan shoots a thick creamy load as Tomas pumps him and it lands all over his belly. Tomas follows soon after except Logan shows his true cock whore colors and laps up every last drop of Tomas’s ample load.
Models: Tomas Brand