SeanCody - SC1209 - Jeffrey & Donny

Duration: 20:59 Views: 2 931 Submitted: 2 years ago
Description: Jeffrey is so soft spoken and respectful when he’s fully clothed. But he’s definitely a confident young man with a sexy runner’s body and a big cock that stays rock hard when he’s naked. Maybe he should run around naked all the time? But half naked was good enough to get him and Donny started. Both are physically active and I thought that a nice run would give them some bonding time. It was a little awkward at first, but that could have been because Donny was a bit shy. But once they were alone together, the smile on his face when he started making out with Jeffrey spoke volumes — he was excited that he was about to let this guy fuck him. Donny’s muscle size is bigger than Jeffrey’s but he totally gave himself over, sucking on Jeffrey’s cock through his shorts and popping it out of the bottom of one of the leg openings. I think if he could have, he would have done it while they were running! I say this because he had a bit of a request… he wanted to leave his jock strap on while getting fucked… at least for a bit! I think it had to do with wanting an impromptu fuck session after a good run! The jock strap gave Jeffrey something to grab a hold of and to pull Donny’s ass right onto his cock, and I loved seeing Donny’s cock bounce as his hole got plowed. There’s nothing like watching a big muscled guy moan as a smaller guy goes in balls deep!