CorbinFisher - ACM - Rick

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Description: You’ll be able to tell, seconds into this interview, that Rick is a confident young man. Once he gets comfortable with the camera, his personality starts coming out and we see how large and broad his smile is. Rick is also not shy about his sexual conquests and experiences. He’s glad to admit that he’s chased by the ladies, sharing how he’s fucked 3 girls in one night - and brags about being caught face fucking his girlfriend by his roommate! He’s obviously a guy that likes to have himself some fun. He’s held off getting off for 4 days in anticipation to strip down and jerk off for us. Once he fully strips down, there is a whole lot to look at and enjoy! Rick has a nicely defined body, and a long hot dick! He takes his time stroking it with both hands. Kneeling on the bed, he cries out and moans just as his cum starts shooting - and it’s quite the huge load makes quite a splatter!