BarebackThatHole - Tommy Deluca and Ray Dalton

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Description: Ray Dalton is just a large hung dad having a fantastic body and amazing tattoos. He s daddy's kind any younger guy might would like to get fucked by. With that dick that is big, Jimmy understands just how to fuck! Nevertheless when he and beast combined up -put Tommy Deluca Lewis needed to acknowledge the just one getting fucked from the two would be him! Tommy, a simple-heading laid small father back speaks the chat and walks the stroll. This pup doesn’t simply possess a large penis. He understands just how to fuck! After drawing one another and creating out like whores, Lewis provides his butt to get a heavy language work up. Utilizing only throw for lubricant, Tommy slides that incredibly H-U-G-E fucker up the tattooed piece’s-raw pit and lbs away! We re speaking filthy awful trash-talk, balls-deep bareback fucking plus some butt -to-mouth, with Lewis sampling on Tommy&rsquo their own ass drinks;s heavy uncut throbbing length. But as warm whilst the motion is between your dad boy mixture that is /, factor are going to obtain a lot warmer when Alex Mason ties them for much more bareback enjoyment and walks in