Sean Cody - sc1121- Calvin Fucks Franciso

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Description: Whenever I get two guys together, I’m immediately interested to see what kind of chemistry they’ll have. Will they be flirtatious or competitive? Will one be more aggressive? Funny enough, when I got Calvin and Francisco together, I found out that it was an excellent combination of all the above. Calvin has one of the easiest attitudes — he’s always up for anything. It didn’t take Francisco, who’s always a little shy at first, very long at all to warm up to him after they met. Calvin eased the air with a few jokes and some friendly conversation then flexed his biceps to show Francisco his guns. Quick to catch on, Francisco smiled, dropped his pants, turned right around and squeezed his ass cheeks figuring that would definitely get a rise out of Calvin. Well, he plays the game well, because Calvin’s boner was visible through his jeans. Francisco may be smaller in stature than Calvin, but he’s big where it counts. His cock is monster thick and I wasn’t even sure if Calvin would be able to fit the thing in his mouth. Surprisingly he did, but not without having to break away for some air a time or two. And, while Francisco may be the more shy, reserved one in person, he’s probably the most verbal bottom I’ve ever heard. The harder, deeper and faster Calvin went, the louder Francisco got. Calvin even joked about it afterwards!
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