NextDoorRaw - The New Next Door Neighbor - Markie More & Johnny Riley

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Description: Having A knock-on the doorway, Johnny Riley presents herself to fresh hunky friend Markie More. Markie continues to be deciding in, but Johnny appears resistant for this reality, producing herself in the home and welcoming herself in. While Markie reasons herself to have a telephone call, he returns to locate Johnny going right through his garments, rifling around in his wardrobe and smelling his underwear. Markie discovers this endearingly sweet, if this really is normal conduct and in the place of getting annoyed, he requires Johnny. Johnny kisses him about the mouth because they fall-back onto Markie’s chaise, and operates his way down Markie’s body. Taking out Markie’s penis, Johnny understands Markie’s belongings aren't simply on-display round the space, and he requires Markie’s ideal cock into his mouth, drawing his friend down as Markie laughs and moves along for that trip. Moving about and straddling Markie’s encounter, Johnny grinds his pit on Markie’s language as Markie steadies herself to fuck Johnny good-and proper.With his penis prepared for motion, Markie bends Johnny around and fucks him natural from behind, hitting Johnny on his bubblebutt before getting him from the stomach and beating him even harder. The penis is taken by Johnny just like a champion as Markie fucks him missionary he spits his fill throughout herself, and as Markie fucks him all around the family room. Markie retains fucking, seeding rsquo & Johnny;s pit from viewing his fill ooze out-of Johnny and pulling out. Tired and grinning, Johnny understands he s gonna be friends with the brand new friend just good.
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